Joint Stock Company

"Yampil Instrument-making Plant"

The company is located on the banks of the Dniester River and has two territories with a total area of 4.77 hectares.

The production area is 11052 m², including the main production – 6840 m²; auxiliary production 1387 m². Storage space – 1591 m².

Installed equipment 327 units, including: machine tools 261 units, pressing units 29 units, welding units 4 units; foundry – 17ed; thermal – 8 units, woodworking – 8 units. 

Currently commercially available:

   1. Gas meters with an electronic EGL counting device (8-year calibration interval) are included in the State Register of Ukraine, have a built-in temperature corrector, protection from the effects of a permanent magnet field, on their basis you can create an automated system for metering gas consumption in life with remote reading;

   2. Gas meters with mechanical counting device. Consumers: Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, India, China.

   3. Rotary gas meter “TEMP”. Consumers – Ukraine, Russia;

   4. KETON electric boilers with a capacity of 4–12 kW. Consumer: Ukraine.

The enterprise includes workshops for the main production (mechanical, assembly, foundry-instrumental, decorative coating section) energy-mechanical department, construction site, motor transport, plant management.