Electric convector "KETON"



  • Power, kW:
  • 1 stage
  • 2 stage
  • Voltage, V
  • Current frequency, Hz
  • Maximum current consumption, А
  • Lenght, mm
  • Height, mm
  • Depth, mm
  • Protection class
  • Maximum temperature of exhaust air, ° C
  • 2
  • 1
  • 1
  • 220
  • 50
  • 9.1
  • 600
  • 450
  • 110
  • II
  • 75

The principle of electric convectors “KETON” is based on the natural circulation of air in the room (convection): entering through the grate in the lower part of the heater, cold air passes through the heating element (HE) located inside the appliance and comes out already heated through the inclined blinds in the upper part convector. HE, thanks to the closed design does not burn oxygen. The aluminum radiator located on the heating element contributes to accelerated heat transfer due to the large surface. The louver design creates directional convection of air, which also increases the efficiency of the device, accelerating the heating of the room by 20%.

  • Maintaining the desired temperature in electric convectors “KETON” is carried out using mechanical (measurement accuracy 1 ° C) thermostat that maintains a constant temperature in a heated room.

As soon as the temperature in the room reaches the set value, the thermostat switches off the electric convector “KETON” independently, and automatically switches on when the temperature drops below the set temperature. Thus, in the heated room exactly specified temperature is maintained.

Advantages and benefits

  • no boiler, radiator and fluid
  • separate room is not required for boiler room and fuel
  • minimum installation costs
  • silent system operation
  • 100% effective


  • no gas equipment (explosionproof)
  • no flammable fuel
  • no burn hazard
  • no threat of system freezing
  • does not burn dust and oxygen
  • ease of installation on any walls