Industrial gas meters

Measuring rotor complex "RUS"


Main specifications

     The complex “RUS” is intended for the commercial and technological accounting of the working and reduced to standard conditions natural gas and other non-aggressive gases with a density of at least 0.67 kg / m³ at gas distribution points (EMG),
heat power plants and other industrial facilities and enterprises.

Operating principle

The principle of operation of the complex is based on the simultaneous measurement of volumetric flow, pressure and temperature of the gas with the subsequent calculation, processing and archiving the gas volume reduced to standard conditions, taking into account its compressibility factorCompressibility factor calculation method, density,the composition of the gas is selected by the consumer and entered from the keyboard of the complex.

Advantages of measuring rotor complexes “RUS”:

  • • structurally complex is made in the same building and is a single complete case device for measuring the volume of gas under standard conditions;
  • • low threshold of sensitivity;
  • • electronic error correction;
  • • dynamic range 1:250;
  • • self-powered;
  • • remote transfer of archive data and process data using information transfer devices and a converter.

Rotor gas meters "TEMP"

   Gas meters “TEMP” are designed to measure the volume of natural gas, the physicochemical parameters of which must comply with GOST 5542-87, when conducting metering, including commercial, on objects of gas consumption.

   “TEMP” meters are suitable for work with correctors and can be used in systems for monitoring, regulating and controlling production processes due to the presence of a low-frequency pulse generator (such as “potential-free contact”, switching DC voltage not more than 15 V, switching current less than  120 mA).

Meters can be installed in a vertical or horizontal gas pipeline directly at the place of operation.

The main consumers of meters are industrial, household and other enterprises and organizations.

The maximum working (excess) pressure of the measured gas is 0.63 MPa.

The temperature of the ambient air and the gas to be measured should be between minus 50 ° C and 60 ° C.

The meters are resistant to ambient relative humidity up to 95% at a temperature of 35 ° C.

The degree of protection of meters against the penetration of water, dust and foreign particles corresponds to IP64 GOST 14254-96.