"KETON" boiler

Electric boilers “KETON” (further – boilers) are intended for heating water and using it as a heat carrier in water heating systems with forced circulation of water in residential and other premises.

The boilers are manufactured in climatic version UHL category 4.2 according to GOST 15150.

Mounting design of the boiler – suspended.

It is recommended to install the boiler at a height of 1-1.4 m from the floor.

  • The boilers should be operated from a specially equipped single-phase AC mains with a voltage of (220 ± 22) V or three-phase AC with a voltage of 
  • (380 ± 38) V, with a frequency of (50 ± 1) HZ.

Advantages of "KETON" boilers:

  • heaters or non-combustible electrode heaters
  • quick and economical heating of the system
  • electronic control modules guarantee optimal performance without supervision
  • the microprocessor controls the boiler, the thermal switch prevents the boiler from overheating
  • convenient alphanumeric display
  • automatic adjustment of water temperature in the system (from +10 ° C to +85 ° C)
  • automatic maintenance of a comfortable room temperature (from +13 ° C to +25 ° C)
  • inclusion of optimal power
  • possibility of working with three-zone electric meters
  • automatic equipment of a boiler allows to work according to the schedule set by the consumer or the power supplying organization
  • built-in circulation pump
  • low cost and high reliability of equipment
  • no equipped special rooms for boilers required
  • compactness of heaters
  • no harmful emissions into the atmosphere and waste
  • small overall dimensions
  • long service life