History of the plant and its products

     In the 60’s, the Second Moscow Instrument-Making Plant annually increased its output. But the shortage of production space limited production growth. The heavy workload of the plant created certain difficulties in the development of new products.

     In 1968 a branch was established by a Decree of the USSR Council of Ministers – “Second Moscow Instrument-Making Plant” in Yampil, Vinnitsa region USSR. Creating a branch allowed to solve several important tasks at once:
     • increase the number of products;
     • create a modern industrial enterprise in the agricultural region of Ukraine;
     • create a backup company in case of a possible war;
     • provide permanent employment of the population in the region with excess labor resources.

     The town of Yampil at that time was considered the “sugar capital” of the USSR. The main enterprises in the town and nearby  were engaged in the cultivation and processing of sugar beet. The local authorities and the population of the town were very happy to create on their territory a modern enterprise of the aviation industry. Initially, the building of a winery that had been “mothballed” since 1961 was allocated to house the branch.

Creating a branch practically on “bare ground” required tremendous efforts from the management of the Second Moscow Instrument-Making Plant. Machines, equipment, tools, technological equipment were sent to the branch. Great difficulties have arisen with the formation of the production team. In the branch itself, extensive construction work was carried out, the production infrastructure was re-created. For several years in a row, entire brigades of leading specialists, engineers, and skilled workers were sent off to the branch. The formation of local personnel was not easy, but the efforts were worth it. The branch began to work. At first, prouducts were made for shipment to Moscow and the release of finished products was gradually mastered. With time, the products became better.

The list of products that were produced at Yampil Instrument-making Plant

  • Variometer membrane VR-10M 1980-1992 
  • Sensor angle of attack and slip DUAS 1980-1992 
  • Sensor DSU 1m
  • Potentiometric sensors RD and MRD
  • Steam cooking grate 1982-1984 
  • Manovacummeter MV 20-60, MV 16 1984-2015 
  • Automotive protective cap 1989-1991
  • Electric water pump 1989-1999
  • Musical arrangements and wooden caskets 1988-1992 
  • Plastic music boxes 1989-1992 
  • Metal clothes hangers 1989-1991 
  • Automotive gaskets 1990-1991 
  • Safety valve 1993-1995
  • Air Foot Pump 1993-1997
  • Castle rack bill 1994-1998 
  • Gas meter rotary household since 1998
  • Industrial gas meter TEMP since 2001
  • Rotary gas meter with electronic
    reading device since 2003
  • Electric air pump since 2004
  • Seeder manual for farm crops 2003-2006 
  • Electric boiler household electrode 2006-2009 
  • Electric boiler household since 2008
  • Electric boiler industrial 2007-2009
  • “KETON” convectors since 2007
  • Fuel fluid meters (prototypes) 2017.